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Who we are

The Shift 1.5. network consists of internationally located local teams and a backbone organisation to support the teams. We are a learning network that empowers organizations around the world to inspire individuals build their own fulfilling and sustainable lifestyles.

We offer tried-and-tested methods for equipping people to be change makers in their daily life — at work, through their work and in their free time.

Our goals

Our goal is to

  • Make everyday climate actions aspirational
  • Turn the huge CO2 reduction potential of individuals into action
  • Inspire people to become change makers in their everyday life and in every one of their roles
  • Equip movement makers with well-proven methods

By movement makers we mean you.

Why You Should Join Us

As part of our network, you will receive support, insights and feedback from the wider community. 

More about us

Together we can create bigger impact - thank you for joining us!

More information can be found on Sitra's website.

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